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Broadband Internet

Stream high-speed data, video and audio from coast to coast.

Customizable bandwidth, no matter your size.

No matter where you’re located, Telesystem's high-speed Internet is built to handle the speed of your business. Whether you're a small home business or multi-location enterprise, we have a scalable solution to meet your unique business needs. Telesystem offers a full spectrum of upstream and downstream bandwidths that enable you to download, transfer, and stream voice, video, and data effortlessly and keep your business connected 24/7 with a fast and reliable network.

Business Internet Speeds

We offer a variety of speeds and scalable solutions that cater to the specific needs of your business. Here is a quick guide to choosing the speed that’s right for you:

1-10 Mbps:

  • For use by a single person or business location using very low Internet usage.
  • Ideal for email, light web surfing and social media.

25 Mbps:

  • Great for mid size businesses with multiple users.
  • Allows for light streaming, downloads, and file sharing.

50 Mbps:

  • Ideal for large businesses with multiple users.
  • Allows for high definition video conferencing, frequent data streaming, downloads and file sharing.

100 + Mbps:

  • Seamless Internet that offers lighting-fast download speeds for large companies with a large staff.
  • Great for heavy video conferencing, file sharing, streaming, and data downloads.



Broadband vs. Dedicated Internet

For many people, cost is a major deciding factor when it comes to choosing between two products or services, and that thought process is typically no different when choosing Internet access. However, business networks can be very complex, and not all Internet access is created equally.
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Benefits of Broadband Internet



Customize your bandwidths to meet the specific needs of your business



National network coverage allows for easy expansion for cross-geographical businesses

Fast Streaming

Stream high-speed data, audio, and video simultaneously


Tailored solutions to fit the needs of any size business



Experience our consultative approach to discovering solutions that
best meet the needs of your business.