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Telesystem Privacy Policy

In connection with your services or visitation to one of Buckeye Telesystem's (Telesystem) websites, your personally-identifiable information will be collected and maintained. This information includes your name, service address, email address, passwords, user IDs, billing address, contact phone number(s), demographic information, and customer complaints. When you access one of our websites, we may collect access log information about your visit, including information such as the Internet Protocol (IP) addresses assigned (numbers assigned to your computer while online), browser used, and dates and times of access. We do not store emails sent and received other than as specifically directed by your individual email settings. As explained below, we could be required by court order to disclose such information if left on our system.

This information is collected for use by Telesystem for its operational purposes, including without limitation for financial, tax, and accounting purposes and in rendering certain communication services and other services to you, such as accounting, billing, and marketing, and in monitoring unauthorized reception or use of Telesystem services.  

Telesystem may also use your contact information for business development purposes, including without limitation to help in developing, marketing, and notifying you of new or additional services and programs.  If you wish to opt-out of this business development uses, please contact Telesystem at 888.808.6111; however, please note that this election will limit the ability to provide you information on the services that best fit your usage profile.

Telesystem may disclose this information if required by law, subpoena, or court order; if necessary to render or conduct legitimate business activity related to your Telesystem services, including for example to program guide distributors, Internet service providers, collection agencies, construction and installation contractors, marketing companies, or other service providers; or as specifically provided for herein. We will not otherwise use this information without your prior written or electronic consent.

We use "Secure Socket Layer" encryption technology  on our websites. Such protection is identifiable by looking for "https" in the Internet URL or page address; or, if you are using Internet Explorer, by a closed lock symbol. While we use all commercially reasonable efforts and tools to ensure the integrity and security of our network and computer systems, we cannot and do not guarantee that our security measures will in all cases prevent unauthorized access.

In connection with providing Commercial High-Speed Internet Service and/or Dedicated Internet Access, Telesystem reserves the right to monitor bandwidth, usage, and content from time to time as required to operate and monitor the service; to identify violations of the Subscription Agreement or Acceptable Use Policy; to protect the Service and other Telesystem customers; and to otherwise protect its legitimate business interests, including as necessary to investigate suspected violations of the Subscription Agreement or the Acceptable Use Policy. Such investigation may include without limitation the gathering of information from the user or users involved and from complaining parties, and examination of  customer material stored on or available through Telesystem's servers and network. Consistent with this, Telesystem will cooperate fully with (i) law enforcement authorities in the investigation of suspected criminal violations, and (ii) Internet Service Providers or other network or computing facilities in order to enforce the Subscription Agreement and Acceptable Use Policy and to safeguard the network and hardware of Telesystem, its customers, and any third-parties. Such cooperation may include without limit Telesystem providing third parties with customer information, including without limit the username, IP address, usage information, account information, or other identifying information about a customer.

Telesystem maintains this information as long as you are a customer. After you are no longer a customer, the system may maintain this information for three (3) years unless there is an outstanding balance due, in which case Telesystem may maintain this information for seven (7) years. Although work-performed records are retained for a longer period of time, there is no way these records can be accessed after three (3) years [or seven (7) years in the case of past-due accounts]. Consistent with these terms, Telesystem customer computer records are purged at least every six (6) months.

From time to time, Telesystem may monitor or record telephone conversations between customers and Telesystem Business Relations or Commercial Technical Support representatives for the purpose of evaluating employee performance and improving customer service. Any personally-identifiable information resulting from this activity will be used only for the above-stated purposes and will be destroyed within one-hundred eighty (180) days of the monitoring or recording date, unless such personally-identifiable information is placed in an individual employee's record, which will then be destroyed within six (6) years.

The specific restrictions and prohibitions regarding the acquisition and use of personally identifiable customer information are as follows:

Except as noted above, we will not use any electronic device to record, transmit, or observe any events or listen to, record or monitor any conversations which take place inside your residence, workplace, or place of business, without obtaining your express written or electronic consent.

Except as provided herein, we may not collect or disclose personally-identifiable information regarding any of our customers without the customer's express written or electronic consent.

Personally-identifiable information shall be made available for your examination within three (3) working days of the receipt of a request from you. You shall be responsible for all costs of copying of documents supplied. Upon a reasonable showing, Telesystem is required to correct any inaccurate information. All personally-identifiable information will be made available between 8:30 AM - 5:00 PM, Monday - Friday at Telesystem's headquarters, 2700 Oregon Road, Northwood, Ohio 43619.

We reserve the right to make personally-identifiable information available to government agencies in order to comply with court order or other legal compulsion; however, we shall provide you reasonable notification, if possible, of any such request.

Violation of these provisions by Telesystem may lead to certain criminal and civil liabilities. A person aggrieved by a violation of these provisions may bring a civil action for damages in United States District Court.

If you register with us while visiting a website or by participating in a contest, survey or online transaction, we may ask for certain personally identifiable information. When we do, we will tell you how it will be used and you may elect not to participate.

We may use "cookies," small computer codes added to a file on your computer, as a record of its visit to our websites. This is also used to manage information concerning your preferences. A “cookie” does not collect or provide your name or any other personal information about you. It can, however, be used by the website that placed it to note information about your visit, such as your type of web browser, operating system and Internet Protocol ("IP") address, to better tailor the site for you. It also can recognize you when you log in as a registered user or as a repeat visitor returning to our website, allowing us to tailor our site by remembering you and any options you select. You can control what cookies are accepted by your computer through the settings on your web browser or by deleting them from your files. However, doing so may limit the personalization available to you.

January 1, 2024



En relación con sus servicios o visitas a uno de los sitios web de Telesystem, se recopilará y mantendrá su información de identificación personal. Esta información incluye su nombre, dirección de servicio, dirección de correo electrónico, contraseñas, ID de usuario, dirección de facturación, número (s) de teléfono de contacto, información demográfica y quejas de los clientes. Cuando accede a uno de nuestros sitios web, podemos recopilar información de registro de acceso sobre su visita, incluida información como las direcciones de Protocolo de Internet (IP) asignadas (números asignados a su computadora mientras está en línea), el navegador utilizado y las fechas y horas de acceso. No almacenamos los correos electrónicos enviados y recibidos que no sean los indicados específicamente por su configuración de correo electrónico individual. Como se explica a continuación, una orden judicial podría exigirnos que divulguemos dicha información si se deja en nuestro sistema.

Esta información se recopila para su uso por parte de Telesystem para sus fines operativos, incluidos, entre otros, para fines financieros, fiscales y contables y para brindarle ciertos servicios de comunicación y otros servicios, como contabilidad, facturación y marketing, y para monitorear la recepción no autorizada. o uso de los servicios de Telesystem.

Telesystem también puede usar su información de contacto para fines de desarrollo comercial, incluido, entre otros, para ayudarlo a desarrollar, comercializar y notificarle sobre servicios y programas nuevos o adicionales. Si desea excluirse de estos usos de desarrollo comercial, comuníquese con Telesystem al 888.808.6111; sin embargo, tenga en cuenta que esta elección limitará la capacidad de proporcionarle información sobre los servicios que mejor se adapten a su perfil de uso.

Telesystem puede divulgar esta información si así lo requiere la ley, una citación u orden judicial; si es necesario para prestar o realizar una actividad comercial legítima relacionada con sus servicios de Telesystem, incluidos, por ejemplo, distribuidores de guías de programas, proveedores de servicios de Internet, agencias de cobranza, contratistas de construcción e instalación, empresas de marketing u otros proveedores de servicios; o como se establece específicamente en este documento. No usaremos esta información sin su consentimiento previo por escrito o electrónico.

Usamos tecnología de encriptación "Secure Socket Layer" en nuestros sitios web. Dicha protección se puede identificar buscando "https" en la URL de Internet o en la dirección de la página; o, si está utilizando Internet Explorer, con un símbolo de candado cerrado. Si bien utilizamos todos los esfuerzos y herramientas comercialmente razonables para garantizar la integridad y seguridad de nuestra red y sistemas informáticos, no podemos garantizar y no garantizamos que nuestras medidas de seguridad evitarán en todos los casos el acceso no autorizado.

En relación con la prestación de servicios comerciales de Internet de alta velocidad y / o acceso dedicado a Internet, Telesystem se reserva el derecho de monitorear el ancho de banda, el uso y el contenido de vez en cuando según sea necesario para operar y monitorear el servicio; para identificar violaciones del Acuerdo de suscripción o la Política de uso aceptable; para proteger el Servicio y otros clientes de Telesystem; y para proteger de otra manera sus intereses comerciales legítimos, incluso según sea necesario para investigar presuntas violaciones del Acuerdo de suscripción o la Política de uso aceptable. Dicha investigación puede incluir, entre otros, la recopilación de información del usuario o usuarios involucrados y de las partes reclamantes, y el examen del material del cliente almacenado o disponible a través de los servidores y la red de Telesystem. De acuerdo con esto, Telesystem cooperará plenamente con (i) las autoridades policiales en la investigación de presuntas infracciones penales y (ii) los proveedores de servicios de Internet u otras redes o instalaciones informáticas para hacer cumplir el Acuerdo de suscripción y la Política de uso aceptable y salvaguardar la red y el hardware de Telesystem, sus clientes y terceros. Dicha cooperación puede incluir, sin límite, que Telesystem proporcione a terceros la información del cliente, incluido, entre otros, el nombre de usuario, la dirección IP, la información de uso, la información de la cuenta u otra información de identificación sobre un cliente.

Telesystem mantiene esta información mientras usted sea un cliente. Una vez que ya no sea un cliente, el sistema puede mantener esta información durante tres (3) años, a menos que haya un saldo pendiente adeudado, en cuyo caso Telesystem puede mantener esta información durante siete (7) años. Aunque los registros de trabajos realizados se conservan por un período de tiempo más largo, no hay forma de que se pueda acceder a estos registros después de tres (3) años [o siete (7) años en el caso de cuentas vencidas]. De acuerdo con estos términos, los registros informáticos de los clientes de Telesystem se eliminan al menos cada seis (6) meses.

De vez en cuando, Telesystem puede monitorear o grabar conversaciones telefónicas entre los clientes y los representantes de Relaciones comerciales o Soporte técnico comercial de Telesystem con el fin de evaluar el desempeño de los empleados y mejorar el servicio al cliente. Cualquier información de identificación personal que resulte de esta actividad se utilizará solo para el propósito mencionado anteriormente.

January 1, 2024

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