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Updated Fees Definitions

Active May 3rd, 2024

Invoice Processing Fee: This fee supports costs for bill processing. The fee is applied to all customer accounts to support costs for call detail record processing, invoice presentation, and needed detail to customers’ invoice.

Printed Statement Fee: This fee is assessed for the cost of producing and delivering a printed statement. You can avoid this fee, in full, by signing up for electronic invoice delivery.

Operation Support System (OSS) Fee: This is a fee associated to incumbent local carriers charging Telesystem and other exchange carriers a per line fee for OSS.

Access Recovery Fee: This fee is associated with terminating/originating and communicating with other carrier networks in the delivery of voice traffic.

You may see this appear on your bill as one of the following:
Fee - access recovery

Network/Internet Cost Recovery Fee:  This charge is assessed to recover the costs to  continuously upgrade, secure, and improve network performance. This fee applies to local loop, internet ports, and broadband circuits.

Regulatory, Compliance and Intellectual Property (RCIP) Fee:  The fee is assessed to offset regulatory, legal, intellectual property and compliance-related expenses, including those related to customer privacy protection, anti-fraud protection, and number portability.  

Equipment Protection Charge: This fee is assessed to protect all equipment used in delivering service. This charge ensures that we can replace faulty or end-of-life equipment at no additional fee to our customers.

Power Recovery Fee: Due to the rising cost of energy, this fee is assessed to recover a portion of the increased energy expense in our colocation facilities.

Local Number Portability (LNP) Fee:  This fee is assessed to recover costs to allow customers to change local services providers within a service territory without having to change telephone numbers.

You may see this appear on your bill as one of the following:
fee - local number portability

Presubscribed Interexchange Carrier Charge (PICC): The PICC is a monthly charge assessed on long distance service lines, so that customers can access the interstate telecommunications network to place and receive interstate long distance calls.

You may see this appear on your bill as one of the following:
fee - PICC

Carrier Line Charge (CLC): This fee is assessed to recover costs associated with the enablement of long-distance services and phone number connectivity.

You may see this appear on your bill as one of the following:
Fee - CLC

Credit Card Processing Fee:  This fee is assessed on a one-time payment via an accepted credit card. This fee is not applied to credit card payments that are set up to be recurring.

E911 Fee: This fee is assessed for maintaining the latest technology for 911 services and compliances with federal regulations such as Ray Baums and Kari’s Law.

You may see this appear on your bill as one of the following:
Fee- E911


Hosted VoIP Professional Services Fee

Active September 1st, 2019

Telesystem has worked hard to make sure our customers have access to a number of How-To documents and videos for our Hosted VoIP Platform. Whether you need help setting up call forwarding, or resetting your voicemail password, these and many more resources can be found on our Resources page.

If you don't have the time or resources to make the changes on your own, we are here to help!

Starting September 1st, we will be implementing a Hosted VoIP Professional Services Fee for this purpose. We have developed a couple of different options to best suit your needs.


Basic changes include changes that you have access to make yourself, but would prefer to have Telesystem make them on your behalf.

For example:

  • Greeting changes
  • Schedule changes
  • Call forward - always
  • Hunt Group changes
  • Line name changes
  • VM to Email modification

       Basic Changes Payment Options:

  • Option 1: Monthly Subscription -  Unlimited Basic Changes. $20 per month, per location.
  • Option 2: Upon Request/As Needed - Basic changes per change charge. $85/Hr. Billed in 15 min increments – minimum of 15 min @ $21.25 


Advanced changes include changes that require the involvement of one of our Engineers.

For example:

  • Set/Change Nested Menu
  • Selective Call Forward
  • Auto Attendant Redesign
  • Call Center Reporting
  • BLF changes

       Advanced Changes Payment Options:

  • $220/Hr. Billed in 15 min increments – minimum of 15 min @ $55.
  • These types of changes are not available on a Monthly Subscription option and are only charged on an as-needed basis.


If you experience an outage due to circumstances out of your control (power outage, equipment failure, etc) we will make select changes complimentary.

  • Forward Calls: Example – SIP lead number, PRI lead number, Business Line as well as AA lead number


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