- Case Study -

Hollywood Casino

Managed WiFi

About Hollywood Casino

Hollywood Casino is part of PG Gaming Inc. who owns 42 Casinos and race tracks in the Midwest and Eastern United States.

They were looking for a fully Managed WiFi solution to include AP’s, switches, analytics, Dedicated Internet services, splash page, SLA’s and 24/7/365 support.

Telesystem’s Solution

Telesystem was able to provide everything on the casino’s wish list as well as supply circuits that were redundant to their current WiFi solution.

Both a predictive and onsite RF survey was performed utilizing advanced WiFi heatmap software to ensure complete and reliable wireless coverage for guest access and to address any “density” concerns.

Telesystem had custom device skins printed and placed on each access point so that they would blend in with the casino’s environment, and worked closely with their inside wiring company to manage the installation of each AP during approved hours since they are a 24x7 operation.


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