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Hosted Receptionist Console

Hosted Receptionist Console is for receptionists or telephone attendants who manage and screen inbound calls for enterprises. The interface is designed to follow the natural work 'flow' of a call from the top to the bottom of the screen.

Benefits of Hosted Receptionist Console


Professional Call Handling

Multiple receptionists can see critical information in real-time, with features and functionality not available on legacy, premises-based phone systems

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Intuitive Design

Web-based client/user interface follows the natural work flow of a call across the PC screen



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Assured Availability

Freedom from not being leashed to a physical location. Access the solution from anywhere with a computer and an Internet connection

Features of Hosted Receptionist Console

  • Contact Searching
  • Caller ID
  • Call Register - Shows how many calls you take and how quick they are
  • Contact Monitoring - Monitor busy status of select contacts to determine the best way to route the calls
  • Click to dial from call history
  • Outlook integration

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