The Internet of Things (IoT)

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IoT devices are opening up unlimited possibilities for businesses to easily access real-time information, from anywhere they're working.

With IoT, your business can unlock cost and time savings, collect data to uncover business insights and opportunities, predict needs before they even arise, and act with precision based on collected analytics.

What is IoT?

The Internet of Things (IoT) is a network of physical objects embedded with software and sensors that use the internet to communicate and exchange data with other systems. IoT is revolutionizing the way businesses operate through sensors that can monitor things like motion, light, temperature, moisture, air quality, and more. These sensors enable businesses to anticipate potential needs before they arise, ultimately saving time and money.

With IoT, companies can gain real-time access to critical information from any location. The number of smart devices in businesses is continually growing and connecting these devices from disparate hardware manufacturers is a complex task. To address these issues, Telesystem offers a wide variety of IoT sensors solutions that are able to work together to gather, share, and analyze information and create actions accordingly. Each device collects data for a specific purpose that can be used to increase efficiency and capabilities.

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Take control of your environment, avoid costly disruptions, and digitally transform your physical spaces with Meraki IoT sensors.

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The Meraki dashboard automatically creates sensor-specific visualizations to help you monitor your environments, understand trends, and detect anomalies.

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Simple and secure connectivity

Get secure device authentication and encryption with the Cisco Trust Anchor module.



Stay in-the-know with real-time alerts via email, SMS, push notification, or webhook.



Build applications custom for your business through the vast partner ecosystem.

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Analyze data your way with .csv, .xls, API, or MQTT export options.

Common IoT Use Cases

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Temperature Monitoring

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Air Quality

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Door Monitoring

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Service Request

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Leak Detection

Securing the Internet of Things

Today’s sophisticated cyber attacks increasingly seek to compromise network infrastructure by attacking IoT devices. Many IoT devices will require the collection, analysis and transmission of potentially sensitive data which makes Security the most important aspect of an IoT solution and the foundation of the pillars. Ensuring the network is secure from threats that could impact operations is a key component of a successful IoT implementation.

To protect your network, MT sensors are equipped with the Cisco Trust Anchor module (TAm). The TAm provides a secure unique device identifier, highly secure storage, a random bit generator, and secure key management. These added layers of security protect against counterfeit and software modification; enable secure, encrypted communications; and verify that Cisco network devices are operating as intended. With the centralized cloud management of the Meraki platform, all software updates are managed automatically and firmware updates are sent over the air, providing new features and rapid security updates. To ensure that the data is secure and future-proof, organizations should consider managed security solutions along with their IoT strategy.



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