The Internet of Things (IoT)

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IoT devices are opening up unlimited possibilities for businesses to easily access real-time information, from anywhere they're working.

With IoT, your business can unlock cost and time savings, collect data to uncover business insights and opportunities, predict needs before they even arise, and act with precision based on collected analytics.

What is IoT?

The Internet of Things (IoT) is a network of physical objects embedded with software and sensors that use the internet to communicate and exchange data with other systems. IoT is revolutionizing the way businesses operate through sensors that can monitor things like motion, light, temperature, moisture, air quality, and more. These sensors enable businesses to anticipate potential needs before they arise, ultimately saving time and money.

With IoT, companies can gain real-time access to critical information from any location. The number of smart devices in businesses is continually growing and connecting these devices from disparate hardware manufacturers is a complex task. To address these issues, Telesystem offers a wide variety of Plug and Play IoT solutions that are able to work together to gather, share, and analyze information and create actions accordingly. Each device collects data for a specific purpose that can be used to increase efficiency and capabilities.

Our low-cost solution leverages LoRaWAN technology to provide long range radio communications between sensors that collect data about your physical space, devices, people, and assets; and an IoT Gateway that collects the information and sends it over the Internet where it is compiled in an intuitive and highly customizable dashboard where the data can be used to optimize your organization.

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Bundled sensors, gateways, connectivity, and software for all verticals and use cases.

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Web-based, “single pane of glass” interface to manage and monitor all sensors, optimized for desktop and mobile devices.

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End-to-End Encryption

All data is fully encrypted from the sensors to the gateways to the cloud via SecureSocket Layer (SSL) protocol with 256-bit data encryption.



Receive notifications via text or email when sensor readings deviate from normal. Customize the conditions for alerting, who gets notified, and during which hours.



Access real-time critical information on motion, light, temperature, moisture, air quality, and more to anticipate potential needs before they arise, ultimately saving time and money.

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Various reports are available within the dashboard including Summary Reports, Corrective Action Reports, Regulatory Reports, Incident Reports, Predictive Maintenance Reports, or customizable reports.

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How SD-WAN helps unlock more value from IoT

As companies implement new IoT solutions, more pressure is placed on corporate wide area networks (WANs), many of which were not designed with the IoT’s vast scale in mind. IoT devices will generate considerable amounts of traffic at the network edge and also open up new security vulnerabilities. To ensure that their WANs are future-proof, organizations should consider the implementation of software-defined WAN (SD-WAN) solutions.

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Common IoT Use Cases

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Refrigeration Monitoring

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Motion Detection

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Door Monitoring

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Leak Detection

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Gas Monitoring

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Smoke Detection

IoT-tank icon

Tank Level Monitoring

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Service Request

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Panic Button

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Desk Occupancy

IoT-feedback icon

Feedback / Survey

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People Counter

Securing the Internet of Things

Many IoT devices will require the collection, analysis and transmission of potentially sensitive data which makes Security the most important aspect of an IoT solution and the foundation of the pillars. Ensuring the network is secure from threats that could impact operations is a key component of a successful IoT implementation.

Allowing devices to connect to the Internet opens them up to a number of serious vulnerabilities if they are not properly protected. A common IoT device can be used to infiltrate and attack the larger network. Since IoT is such a broad space, covering devices from smart watches to thermostats to refrigerators, IoT Security must be even broader to cover the variety of devices and methods used to connect these items to the Internet. Application Program Interface (API) security, public key infrastructure (PKI) authentication, and network security are just a few of the methods used to combat against increasing cyberattacks. To ensure that the data is secure and future-proof, organizations should consider managed security solutions along with their IoT strategy.



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