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92% of Data Breaches are caused by human error.

Utilize our innovative cybersecurity training methods, dark web monitoring, phishing simulations, and yearly NIST security audits to build your employees from the weakest link to the strongest defense.

Our Employee Security Awareness Training specializes in educating your employees on the intricacies of protecting your business from cyber threats. Create awareness and educate your employees on threats such as spam, phishing, malware, ransomware, social engineering and more to ensure that they become the strongest defense in your cybersecurity playbook.

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Innovative Cybersecurity Education

Our fully automated platform includes everything required to protect your employees from sophisticated phishing and ransomware attacks

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Continuous Education

Weekly 2-minute microtraining video & short quiz combined with a monthly security newsletter keep cybersecurity short, engaging, and interactive.

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Auto Phishing

Unlimited and automated routine simulated phishing has been proven to minimize the risk of end-users falling victim to a malicious phishing attempts.


Dark Web Monitoring

Ongoing dark web monitoring alerts you the moment employee credentials show up on the dark web. Push password resets and stop a breach before it happens.


Employee Vulnerability Assessment

EVA, our Employee Vulnerability Assessment, takes key security metrics and adds engagement with an interactive leaderboard and friendly competition!


Yearly Security Audit

We identify the human vulnerabilities and their related risks. Based on NIST standards, our Security Risk Assessment (SRA) is a yearly free audit of your organization.

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Written Security Policies

Security policies and employee acknowledgement are key to establishing expectations and explaining repercussions to protect your organization.

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66% of cyber criminals rank email phishing as their attack method of choice. It's time to educate your employees and safeguard your business.

Our innovative Security Awareness Training Platform demo will highlight how simple it is to automate a full cybersecurity awareness training program in your organization.

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Device Security


Easy-to-use Dashboard

Our world-class platform gives you all the intelligence you need, in order to understand real time threat levels of each of your employees.

Our algorithm calculates an Employee Security Score(ESS) for each employee based on test and certification scores, phishing results, security policy acknowledgement, dark web stolen password findings and more. The ESS allows you to completely understand where the threat levels lie for the company as well as for each individual employee.

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Employee Vulnerability Assessment (EVA)

  • EVA empowers employees to improve themselves and their organization’s overall security by gamifying education. With next-generation analytics, EVA evaluates the risk from key security metrics into an Employee Secure Score (ESS) – letting you know which employee could cause your next data breach.

  • Short, educational, and easy-to-understand videos & quizzes are sent right to end-users from the portal. Scores are combined with their annual security training course.

  • Continuous monitoring of the dark web for their business email account keeps track of their credentials while personal scanning protects their friends, family, and their own accounts.

  • AutoPhish allows us to send automated and random phishing emails to your staff on a monthly basis. This will help identify people prone to clicking on suspicious emails.

  • Security policy acknowledgement is a key piece of the ESS and is a “to-do” item on their steps to improving their score, driving faster acknowledgement and less chasing after employees.
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Password Reuse is an Epidemic

59% of individuals admitted to mostly or always using the same password,
despite 91% knowing it’s a security risk.

If a breached password is reused, that account is at risk of being attacked with Ransomware. Without proactive security and swift remediation, breached passwords can pose high risks to your network or cost your business millions.


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