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Discover the flexibility, functionality, and crystal-clear voice that make Telesystem’s SIP Trunks a practical solution for your business.

While single business lines offer simplicity and serve a number of purposes, they might not be ideal for businesses requiring more than a few lines. Other methods like key systems or traditional PBXs deliver multi-line capacity but are often more expensive.


How Does it Work?

Telesystem’s SIP Trunks offer an efficient, cost-effective way for businesses to design a suitable multi-line solution without being locked into to purchasing channels in blocks - delivering a solution that is more efficient, scalable, and affordable.



Sip Trunk Advantages

Choice and Control 

Telesystem provides you with important choices many other providers don’t. The result? A reliable solution, built to work the way you expect.

Call Routing

  • Public - Calls can be routed over the public Internet.
  • Private - Call traffic is passed over Telesystem’s redundant, cutting-edge fiber network.

Bandwidth Options

  • Dynamic - Voice and data shares the same circuit, with priority given to voice traffic.
  • Dedicated - provides dedicated VLANs for voice and data traffic so internet capacity is never impacted by call volume.


SIP Trunks provide for the consolidation of voice and data traffic onto one circuit, eliminating the need for multiple lines or circuits.

With a PRI, channels must be purchased in blocks of 23 which often results in overbuying. In order to provide phone service to each employee, an office of 35 employees will need to purchase two blocks of 23, in excess of what is actually needed. SIP Trunks, however, can be purchased in single call increments. By determining peak call volumes, you can purchase exactly what you need. For instance, in an office of 20 employees, if the maximum number of employees on the phone at any given time is 8, you need only purchase 8 call sessions instead of 20 individual lines.

Additional savings come from:

  • Reduced hardware
  • Elimination of maintenance fees
  • Reduced long distance costs


Telesystem’s SIP Trunks are designed for flexibility.

  • Can be configured to work with any phone system.
  • Purchase additional call sessions as needed.
  • Customize your service with:
    • Reservation-less Audio Conferencing
    • Caller ID
    • Call Waiting
    • Direct Inward Dial (DID)
    • Direct Outward Dial (DOD)
    • E911

local inbound-01



As your business grows, so can the capabilities of your voice communications system.

If you route your SIP Trunk over Telesystem’s private network, your options become virtually limitless. You can tailor your SIP Trunk bandwidth to exactly the size you need from 1Mb to 1,000Mb (GigE) and beyond.


The transition to SIP Trunks is seamless, they can be configured for use with any phone system, so you can keep all of your current features.

When you move away from your premise-based phone system, you can combine your SIP Trunk with a Hosted Station solution to achieve the ultimate in flexibility, and free up some phone closet space. You'll then be in the position to migrate to a fully-hosted solution on your terms and within your timeline.

For your IT Department

SIP Trunks from Telesystem can be connected to premise-based phone systems

via any of the following handoffs:

DS-0/FXS     |     DS-1/PRI     |     RJ-45/Ethernet

SIP Trunk Features

Standard Features
  • Caller ID
  • Call Waiting
  • Outbound local with enhanced calling area
Optional Features
  • Domestic and International Long Distance
  • E911
  • Local Inbound
  • Inbound 8xx calls
  • Directory and operator services
  • Direct inward dialing (DID)
  • Hunt Groups
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