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Telesystem’s Wireless 4G LTE Solutions have the most ubiquitous coverage throughout North America, ensuring managed connectivity for mission critical applications on temporary, urgent, dedicated, or failover basis.


Professional installation within days


Connectivity for days, weeks or multi-year


99.9% performance and uptime SLA


Urgent, dedicated and failover applications

Redundant and Failover Solutions

For just dollars a day, Telesystem’s Wireless LTE Solutions provides the only LTE connection with an SLA, providing peace of mind with automatic failover guaranteed. Redundant circuits eliminate single points-of-failure by redirecting traffic for load-balancing or backup. Our always-on intelligent failover system supports broadband and DIA connections protecting your sales, reducing your costs and minimizing the risks associated with outages. Our solution is perfect for VoIP, SD-WAN, POS, CRM, IOT-M2M and other cloud applications.

Connections are continuously monitored by our proprietary connectivity management system, alerting you to problems with your primary connection and ensuring unprecedented visibility into your network’s performance. Contact your Telesystem Account Manager to learn more and confirm availability for your location.


Urgent and Temporary Applications

Agile businesses need guaranteed connectivity whenever and wherever an opportunity arises. Our application is ideal for:

  • A few days for a conference or event
  • A few months at a worksite
  • Pop-up stores
  • Grand openings
  • Storm damage
  • Missed provider FOC (Firm Order Confirmation)

We’ve got you covered with guaranteed speed and performance, professional installation and de-installation and no monthly contract. Nationwide availability leveraging our state-of-the-art technology, the best carrier networks and installation in just days. We get you connected faster than anyone in the industry, no strings (or wires) attached.


Remote and Challenging RF

Remote Challenge

With decreasing telco investment in landlines and central offices, cable and DSL alternatives have given way to satellite connectivity for many consumers in remote areas, but for businesses that depend on connectivity for mission critical applications, satellite latency is a productivity killer.

Indoor Challenge

Windowless equipment rooms, underground facilities, airports and shopping malls present unique connectivity challenges, even for cellular. Cables traversing hostile physical and RF environments for hundreds of feet experience frequent outages.

80/20 Rule

Sites that don’t qualify for wired service can result in multiple regional providers with variable equipment and inconsistent service levels. Our solution provides a single point of contact for all outlier locations with no upfront costs or cross-carrier pooling.



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