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Florida Hospital

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About the Hospital

The Florida Hospital, an 839-bed regional medical center spanning 1.8M sq. ft, is among the largest public health systems in the state.

With more than 6,000 staff, 900 physicians and 750 volunteers, it is one of the county’s largest employers with over 10,000 patients daily.


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The Hospital's Challenges

  • The hospital needed a mobile solution to further assist visitors with navigation and reach a wider audience with interactive technology.
  • Construction and expansion at the main campus was causing confusion for patients on where they needed to go.
  • Patients surveyed cited navigation tools could be better.
  • New employees getting lost was a main complaint cited in onboarding surveys.

Telesystem’s Customized Solution

Our solution was to deploy interactive wayfinding digital displays across the hospital’s campus. Because of the success of the roll-out, the hospital looked to partner further to implement mobile indoor navigation features and to deliver the first geomagnetic-based indoor navigation system in the U.S., using only 210 beacons across it’s 1.8M sq. ft campus.


The Benefits of Wayfinding for Hospitals

  • Technology Leadership - The platform doesn’t require excessive hardware and resulting maintenance costs which inhibited the hospital’s ability to deploy an indoor navigation system.
  • Healthcare Expertise - Credibility and recognition in the healthcare industry for delivering products that meet the needs of patients, visitors, and hospital employees.
  • Service and Support - Full-service mode to support the needs of stakeholders

The Hospital Wayfinder app, a free download for both Apple and Android users, provides GPS-like turn-by-turn directions with indoor positioning accuracy of three to five feet. The app has an intuitive menu with written directions and other user-friendly features, including:

  • Blue dot guidance that shows your exact location on an animated path and plots the best route to your destination on an interactive map.
  • Landmark references on each floor.
  • Automatic re-routing if you go off track, or if an area or elevator is closed for maintenance.
  • Location-based notifications with information about your surroundings, such as cafeteria hours. 

The Florida Hospital piloted several indoor navigation systems before choosing our geomagnetic technology-based solution, which offers precise positioning with considerably less infrastructure and hardware needs than WiFi and Bluetooth systems. Bluetooth and WiFi positioning systems rely on radio signals from hardware installed in buildings, while geomagnetic positioning relies on the Earth’s magnetic fields and the unique signals created when they pass through a building. The hospital app also leverages existing beacons and WiFi access points to further improve accuracy.

The Hospital also worked to install touchscreen kiosks in its lobbies to help direct people to various locations and points of interest on its main campus. Visitors can print, email, or text themselves maps and directions directly from the kiosk.

Their newly launched mobile app builds upon the navigational structure of the installed kiosk and responsive web solutions as well as helping people locate doctors and services throughout the region.

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